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The True Facts About Brazilian Hair Extensions

One of the most fashionable and sexy types of hair extensions in the marketplace today is Brazilian Virgin Hair.This style of hair is extremely high quality and looks very realistic which makes it the go to choice for most high end customers.A complete head of Brazilian virgin hair extensions typically has about 180-220 strands or 8-10 bundles of large tips. Each bundle weighs about half an ounce, regardless of the style or the size of the tip. This translates to a full head weighing roughly four to five ounces. The overall price of Brazilian  virgin hair  depends on a many variables such as texture, quality, size and length of the hair, apart from whether or not the the hair is Remy  and the specific amount of treatment the hair has been subjected to in total. Aside from the ready-made Brazilian virgin hair extensions, we can also customize virgin hair extensions packages, depending on your style and individual needs and specifications. These custom weaves cost slightly more and take some additional time for shipping. Treasure Chest Virgin Hair is a preferred supplier of Brazilian virgin hair extensions to most premium retailers and hair salons in Arlington TX because we command strict quality control through our own research and development facility, which ensures a consistent color and tangle test before sending out the hair extensions. The specific type and quality of hair extensions should be selected based on your  preferences, purpose, lifespan, texture,and last but not least your budget.Always go for quality and never settle for anything less than the best.

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SEO Dominance in 2016

SEO advice from the so called experts and gurus is all over the map these days and it’s hard to know which way to turn when implementing your SEO strategies.

Believe me, I’ve been through the ringer in this business. When I first Googled “SEO”, I was immediately  bombarded with an ocean of best practices advice, case studies and chatter from SEO Forums such as Black Hat World. I picked up a few useful tips, but in reality, I couldn’t make any sense of what I read since I had not tested any of these techniques in the real world.

After many years of sweating away in the internet industry with inconsistent results , I finally started to put the pieces of the puzzles together and gain some valuable wins for my business. But I’m not an SEO guru by any standard. In reality, most of my best results in the competitive market of Dallas SEO have come from old-school PR link building. That’s due to the fact that when you do it properly ,the practice of building backlinks to your site to get higher rankings in search engines in still the gold standard of SEO strategies.

But interestingly enough if been hearing the canaries on the forums and all these so called “white-hat” SEO experts on Moz and other major SEO Media companies screaming “link building is dead” and that “Google doesn’t factor  keywords anymore in their algorythm.” Coversely, the Google Search is supposedly more focusing more on high-quality content, social media shares, and schema markup. I’ve been buried in work with my new business, so I haven’t really had a chance to stay on top of the latest  shifts and trends in the SEO industry.

Fortunately, another industry colleague recently took the time get a strong fix on the confusing SEO landscape. Scott Barnes and an army of data partners at SEO Express recently analyzed 5 million Google results to judge which ranking signals are critical for SEO in 2016.


These are their findings below:

Backlinks are still the “bees knees”
Of the dozens of ranking factors Scott looked at, he found that backlinks are still number one when it comes to Google’s complex and ever changing algorythm. But not just a bunch of backlinks with impressive totals. They found that you need to have  backlinks from a number of different referring domains.
Basically, if you get 50 backlinks from the same domain, it’s not going to get you to the top of Google Results Page. But if you get 50 backlinks from 50 referring domains, you’re rocking and rolling.

So how do you go about getting all these different sites to link back to yours and which links are the best to get?

In my honest opinion, the top links you can aquire are contextual mentions from authoritative media outlets.

Not only are these links well regarded by Google, but they can bring in a massive amount of traffic to your website.In the end it’s all about traffic when it comes to succeeding online.More traffic leads to more sales and the more popular your site is to consumers the more Google will love your site.